Zipper Installation

  • Your local tailor can easily replace a zipper in an existing garment for a small fee.  
  • It's not normally necessary to know the exact length of the original zipper to order a replacement.  A replacement zipper that is longer than the original can trimmed and an new top stop added during installation.
  • We recommend that for best performance and satisfaction, overlapping material should be minimized or eliminated in the area of the magnetic bases of the MagZip zipper.  If a large overlap exists in the original garment, this material may be trimmed or sewn back slightly during MagZip installation.

MagZip Usage

While MagZip is easier to use in most situations than a common zipper, old habits die hard.  The normal tendency to hold directly onto the pin and box does not allow MagZip to perform it's magic.  Holding several inches to each side or above the bases allows them to find each other and align naturally.  For one handed operation, holding directly onto one base and bringing into proximity with the other, will allow the bases to align and engage naturally.  Images courtesy of Under Armour.