Fast Company has named magzip as a finalist in their 2015 innovation by design awards

Fast Company - September 14, 2015

Originally conceived to aid people with limited mobility......... [more]

Under Armour MagZip: Field Test

Gear Junkie - October 16, 2014

A rare design leap in the zipper world, the Under Armour MagZip......... [more]


StupidDope - August 14, 2014

The MAGZIP offers an easy option to the task of zipping up a jacket......... [more]

22 Pictures That Prove We’re Living In The Damn Future

Buzz Feed - August 6, 2014

#10. This zipper design that won’t let you down......... [more]

First Look: Under Armour 'MagZip'

Gear Junkie - August 1, 2014

In our first test this week the MagZip works great. It snaps together and zips up easily, with one hand or two......... [more]

KNOW YOUR TECH: Under Armour MagZip

Sneaker Report - July 22, 2014

With just one hand, Under Armour MagZip’s open-ended zipper aligns and locks itself into place effortlessly........ [more]

Under Armour's Fall Line...

Racked - April 1, 2014

...a cool new technology called MagZip that should delight those on the slopes...... [more]

A New Zipper that will Revolutionize Clothing Everywhere

Inside Edition - February 24, 2014

It's being hailed as the invention that will change the way we dress: the MagZip, a revolutionary new zipper....... [more]


Possibly the Most Radical Innovation to Zippers in Over a Century

ABC News - February 12, 2014

After more than 100 years, the zipper has finally gotten a makeover, thanks to inventor Scott Peters, his mom, and his physically challenged uncle....... [more]


Under Armour – Over Achiever

BIDNESS Etc - February 7, 2014

Then there is Under Armour’s simple, yet innovative product called MagZip, a one-arm magnetic zipper that the company will be putting in more than 400,000 jackets this year....... [more]


Zipping up Under Armour

Democrat And Chronicle - November 23, 2013

Scott Peters never set out to be a fashion mogul. He’s an engineer, but starting in 2014, his innovation will appear on 400,000 jackets sold by sportswear manufacturer Under Armour. Engineers are all about solving problems...... [more]


Victor Business Invents New Zipper - November 15, 2013

A Victor-based business invented a revolutionary zipper. Under Armor's CEO was frustrated by a tiny detail....... [more]


One of Life's Greatest Challenges Solved: One-Handed Zippers - October 31, 2013

You know the awkward zipper juggle. You're walking down the street, carrying something in one hand while trying to zip up your jacket with the other. It's cold. Fitting the zipper together is tricky, but manageable. But when it comes time to zip up--how do you do it?....... [more]


Under Armour seeks ideas for its next Big Thing

USA Today - October 20, 2013

BALTIMORE — Think of this as Under Armour meets American Idol. Except the idol who walks off with the Big Prize isn't a singer. But a thinker...... [more]


Forget the wheel, Under Armour just reinvented the zipper

Digital Trends - October 17, 2013

Reinventing the wheel is so played out. People have been doing it for decades. We’ve got wheels that roll sideways, wheels of cheese, wheels that climb stairs, Wheels of Fortune. There’s obviously no shortage of innovation...... [more]


Ingenious Zipper Lets You Zip With One Hand

Fast Company - October 16, 2013

I’m a grown man, and zippers can still be tough. Lining up the slider perfectly with the very bottom of a zipper is the simplest thing in the world...... [more]