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Originally designed for those who find zippers challenging, MagZip is available on Under Armour and other major brands. MagZip replacement zippers are available for any garment exclusively through our online store.

"Possibly the Most Radical Innovation to Zippers in Over a Century" - ABC News

Zipper Pulls

Also available in our store, easy to grasp zipper pulls in a variety of styles and sizes. These can be added to nearly any zipper and benefit those with gloves, dexterity issues, or simply want a unique look.

MagZip - Helping those who need it the most!

Customer testimonials:

I am a special education teacher and I have been looking for a zipper like this for years. I teach high school students who have a range of physical and cognitive disabilities. Some of them have been practicing how to independetly zip their jacket for years. Getting a zipper started has always been an issue. Last week one of my students tried a jacket with a Magzip on it. He had a 30 second lesson on zipping the jacket with a Magzip. He was able to completely zip the new jacket within 6 seconds. This is a game changer for him and many other people with disabilities. Your Magzip, will give people the independence of finally being able to zip up their own jacket. Thank you.   - Heather T.

 I really want to thank you for your amazing zippers!!!! My 9 year old son has autism, as well as many fine motor difficulties, and last year we were lucky enough to come across your Under Armour hoodies!
It was life changing for him. He can confidently zip his own without asking for help. We spent years begging the school to help him at recess always to find out he was missed and running in the cold with a wide open jacket. Frustration doesn't even cut it as far as what a mother feels in these situations. It's completely helplessness. I am super thrilled you are selling them online so I can try to fit all of his jackets with magnetic zippers! I only wish you had come along sooner:)))   - Heidi B.

DNS Designs, LLC was founded in 2008.  Our mission is to be innovators, challenge the status quo, and develop advanced closures to help make people’s lives easier.

Our first product (Quickzip) was recently licensed by Under Armour and appears on their products as MagZip. The new zipper design will make the lives of millions easier by using our patented magnetic self-aligning base.